Frumpy [adjective]

Definition of Frumpy:


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Sentence/Example of Frumpy:

"Do you know, I really liked her better last year, when she was frumpy and dowdy," faltered Dopsy.

If she had been a stiff, frumpy thing, I just couldn't have paid the least attention to her.

She has never ceased to talk about the frumpy crowd she met there.

Men don't marry frumpy, snuffy old things of thirty, or thereabouts.

I have been a grumpy, frumpy, wayward sort of a woman, a good many years.

A frumpy party is nothing more nor less than a collection of badly dressed persons.

A rather frumpy old bachelor, with thinning hair and a thickening neck.

This is my grumpy, frumpy story, and we'll keep it to ourselves, Trot!'

It would be a pleasure to serve a good-looking fellow like your friend, after being plagued waiting on frumpy farmer?

He had a somewhat frumpy wife who waited on him like a slave.