Icky [adjective]

Definition of Icky:

not pleasant

Synonyms of Icky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Icky:

Sentence/Example of Icky:

Despite the pandemic’s impact on all of us, sick and healthy, we’ve actually seen a record-breaking low amount of another icky, highly-contagious respiratory virus—the flu.

Add in the long-term injury factor, and there’s something extra icky about tanking in football in particular.

Three went down on "phthis-icky" and four on "Ticdouloureux."

ICKY took flight with them, and got so close to the sun that the wax melted and his wings came off.

Uncle Icky got out of his bunk, built a fire in the stove and set his coffee to boil.

The most important fact is that Icky Jones has been a fool for over twenty year.

At Uncle Icky's request, the yacht sailed first for the coast-guard station.

It was indeed his coming-out party, and never a debutante so secretly tremulous and shy as Captain Icky.

Captain Icky shut the drafts on the stove, pushed the coffee-pot back to a position where it would keep hot without boiling.