Loathsome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Loathsome:

They poured into the ear of the humiliated queen the most revolting and loathsome execrations.

But the loathsome death of this brutal voluptuary soon delivered the church from the most implacable of its foes.

Because of a quibble on his part this loathsome thing would ruin his future, dash his hopes to the ground, blacken his life.

Next morning churning had again become loathsome, sweeping was hard work, and dinner was a barbarous institution.

Is it war, I ask you, to seek to poison the drinking water of an enemy, to send stalking into their midst some loathsome disease?

Great numbers were long confined in loathsome prisons; in which some ended their days in consequence thereof.

But one needs to come in contact with slavery, to feel how utterly loathsome and hateful it is.

Death was brought into the world by sin; and, like all the other consequences of sin, it is loathsome and defiling.

They may say what they please, any loathsome abuse but that.

All now, without venturing to touch the loathsome looking thing, gathered around it endeavoring to ascertain really what it was.