Likeable [adjective]

Definition of Likeable:

nice, pleasant

Synonyms of Likeable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Likeable:

Sentence/Example of Likeable:

He was a likeable-looking fellow, well set-up and soldierly, but very young.

Church Street is the most likeable of all the streets of Stratford.

He was a most likeable man, this big fellow, and an open-handed sport.

From all these remarks it appears that the defective is a likeable creature.

He could be likeable when he tried; she liked him, faintly, in that moment.

He smiled humorously at the other young man, a frank, likeable smile that softened magically the bluntness of his young mouth.

The decision was easy to make for Jim was likeable and both of the girls wanted the broadcast to be a success.

But notwithstanding her up-to-date air of artificiality, there was something immensely likeable about Audrey Maynard.

He must, therefore, have been a likeable man, and those who knew him were fortunate persons.

He is an extremely likeable person and he is quite an adventurer.