Charismatic [adjective]

Definition of Charismatic:


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Sentence/Example of Charismatic:

Chávez, a high-ranking military officer, was charismatic and popular.

Like Son, he’s a charismatic leader espousing a long-term vision of where technology is headed.

For many Cuban Americans, that one side is a charismatic immigrant preaching with the zeal of a convert.

According to longtime Democratic fundraiser Sally Susman, “a very compelling and charismatic female candidate” can encourage women donors to expand their own political clout.

The human tendency to associate charismatic leadership with masculine, military-style heroism is ancient, of course.

A different sort of charismatic leadership has proven far more effective, with women leaders shining.

Chavez, a high-ranking military officer, was charismatic and popular.

So you’re saying the same thing that everyone says, which is that he was naturally charismatic and she was the opposite.

I refer particularly to the charismatic organization and government of the church.

Paul had in Corinth, contemporaneously with his description of the charismatic state of the church there, to denounce sad abuses.