Mesmerizing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mesmerizing:

Book agents seemed to have a mesmerizing effect on Miss Sally, as serpents daze birds before they devour them.

He seeks his own room, falls asleep and dreams that he is before the court and that Dr. Frantz is mesmerizing him.

Peculiar sensations of various kinds may make patients think some one is affecting them by electricity or mesmerizing them.

It was superb, this method of mesmerizing all the simple-minded skippers and chiefs who came in the iron-ore ships to Ipsilon.

Many of Homes admirers have declared that he possessed the power of mesmerizing certain of his friends.

Well just have to work and hope we meet again over this blessed, tantalizing, mesmerizing radio, she laughed.

I will add only that the mesmerizing began in June, 1844, and the cure was effected before the following Christmas.

The long harangue, delivered as a chant, had long ago had a mesmerizing effect on her audience.

Others have the same power that snakes have, though vastly intensified, mesmerizing their victims from afar.

We had heard a great deal of his curing a blacksmith of tic-douloureux by mesmerizing him.