Hypnotize [verb]

Definition of Hypnotize:

put in trance; spellbind

Synonyms of Hypnotize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hypnotize:

Sentence/Example of Hypnotize:

We'll go over thar in the mornin' early en I'll watch ye hypnotize her en Hulls, like ye did Logan.

Tells how experts hypnotize at a glance, make others obey their commands.

Moral: Don't let a pole hypnotize you with Fearthought—keep your Mind on the place to which you wish to go.

The pole seemed to hypnotize him, and from that day he couldn't keep his front wheel away from it.

On the other hand, the Paiute, from whom the ghost dance was derived, did not hypnotize.

He told me that his fellow students at college used to hypnotize him and make him do all kinds of things to amuse the other boys.

Dr. Elliotson afterward tried on three different occasions to hypnotize him but without success.

M. Auguste Voisin, one of the physicians of the staff, undertook to hypnotize her May 31st.

It is a great thing to paint a beautiful picture, but 't is a more difficult feat to hypnotize the public into accepting the fact.

He took my offer, but jarred me by confessing that the professor really could hypnotize him.