Captivate [verb]

Definition of Captivate:

attract, enchant

Synonyms of Captivate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Captivate:

Sentence/Example of Captivate:

That perspective captivated Williams, and over the last two decades she’s established many of its most far-reaching implications.

Biographies of scientific legends and lesser-known luminaries, tales of amazing animals and stories of exploration captivated Science News staff.

Birding gives us an opportunity to be captivated and allow them to teach us things like patience and appreciation.

Through sheer force of will and a healthy dose of operating genius, Musk has built an electric-auto maker and battery manufacturer that is seemingly dragging an entire industry into the 21st century—and captivated investors around the world.

His rallies captivated a nation, and before that his reality TV show was a runaway hit.

I was so captivated by Hsieh’s vision that I upended my life in New York and decamped to Las Vegas to write a book about the project.

Whatever tells us of the yet unknown attraction can charm, interest, delight, and captivate us.

"I am quite innocent of any intention to captivate," replied Fanny.

His speeches have a freedom and a rhythmical flow which captivate the hearer.

The interests of a moment engross and captivate the passions, and kindle ardours which burn with incessant vigour.