Mesmerize [verb]

Definition of Mesmerize:


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Sentence/Example of Mesmerize:

You mean that you want to mesmerize her as you did the Zulu chief.

"No wonder Benita won't let you mesmerize her," he said shortly.

The proportion of people who have the power to mesmerize, if it be a power, I do not know.

On my replying in the affirmative he said, ‘Can you mesmerize any one at a distance?’

I sneered at her, too, at first, but when I was left alone with her she seemed to mesmerize me.

Openly or secretly, you can never control or mesmerize a child of mine.

I thought you said you could mesmerize me any time you chose.

He was the one his father had threatened to mesmerize; he should not do it while she was alive.

She could not mesmerize me, but she could strip me of my fancy dress and set me naked in the masquerade.

If I were to mesmerize all the women who wish me to, I should have no opportunity to benefit science by any valuable experiments.