Magnetize [verb]

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Make a small horseshoe magnet from a piece of the very best steel obtainable, and magnetize it to as high a strength as possible.

If we magnetize a wire placed east and west, it will retain this polarity until freed by vibrations, as already remarked.

A similar phenomenon takes place if we magnetize a rod held vertically in the direction of earth's magnetism.

(B) Magnetize the needle so that its point will be a N pole.

Men had wondered how an electrical discharge could magnetize steel.

The current from the cells which heated the platinum wire is amply sufficient to magnetize a Thomson recorder.

There seemed to be a susceptibility hid away, hitherto kept dormant, that the slightest cause seemed to magnetize.

There, I told Mr. Beekman that I was trying to magnetize you, and though your back was turned, you came to me at once.

The lines of force passing through these bodies arrange their molecules in line or magnetize the bodies.

Magnetize your body by walking thru the dew barefooted, by sleeping on the grass, or half buried in the sand.