Gratify [verb]

Definition of Gratify:

give pleasure; satisfy

Synonyms of Gratify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gratify:

Sentence/Example of Gratify:

He carried tales, told lies, and tried to make trouble, for no reason but to gratify his inclinations.

In the autumn of this year I was able to gratify my taste for travel by a longer excursion than usual.

Of refined tastes, including a penchant for blue china, being a thriving bachelor, he was able to gratify them.

Norman's face was a sight, as he stood holding Aubrey in his arms, to gratify the child's impatience.

In short, he may gratify his every whim and fancy, without a pang of reposing conscience, or the least jostle of his self-respect.

It appeared doubtful if the Queen Regent had not sacrificed the crown of one child to gratify the obstinacy of another.

Mr. Van Dyke and his clerks, assisted by boy scouts, were working overtime to gratify all these demands.

But you see, if we talk this over with her, it will both gratify her and put things for always in their proper light.'

I cannot help feeling, personally, great pleasure in having been able to do anything to gratify her.

It was insolently lascivious, and seemed fond of affecting to gratify its strong desires in public.