Indulge [verb]

Definition of Indulge:

treat oneself or another to

Synonyms of Indulge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indulge:

Sentence/Example of Indulge:

Not just in reduced capacity, so reduced checks per table each night, but also in getting diners to want to indulge in dining indoors at all.

They also indulge in their love of getting incredibly bleak.

This weekend, indulge in some tourism through three separate short stories about three very different women.

So if you can’t — or simply prefer not to — go to the theater this weekend, you can still indulge in a deliciously original retelling of an old story.

The idea of sticking with the safest thing has become almost as unthinkable as indulging in the danger of a movie in a theater or a drink at the bar.

With a one quart capacity per batch, it’s great for occasionally indulging or as a fun activity when your kids are stuck at home.

At the same time he is appreciative and very amusing, and one has no chance to indulge in melancholy with him.

Some of the tribes inhabiting the district of the lower Amazon indulge in snuff-taking.

The council, however, resolved not to indulge the king, for fear of a dangerous precedent.

Never indulge in uncommon words, or in Latin and French phrases, but choose the best understood terms to express your meaning.