Deprive [verb]

Definition of Deprive:

keep or take away something wanted, needed

Synonyms of Deprive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deprive:

Sentence/Example of Deprive:

Segregating dispensaries deprives small businesses of a ready income stream from the foot traffic dispensaries already generate.

The state and county boards contended that Hutchins had not yet been deprived of the right to vote.

We know that if children miss out on their education, particularly those in more deprived areas, that will have a lasting negative impact on their health and their life chances.

Responding to my query, he wrote that “facial recognition should not be used to deprive people of liberty.”

Here was Genius, which had invested considerable time and money in developing its lyrics database, allegedly being deprived of traffic and revenue — an argument that many aggrieved publishers identify with.

Second, the improper use of data trusts can actually deprive citizens of their rights to their own data.

Yet in lab tests, tomato plants punctured five to 10 times by pollen-deprived bees bloomed 30 days earlier on average than did undamaged plants.

It took a full 15 days of sleeping normally before they could be sleep-deprived again without immediately dying.

Robert, emperor of Germany, died, just as a powerful combination had been formed to deprive him of the crown.

Well, then, by meriting happiness, I will take revenge upon the injustice which would deprive me of it.