Clothe [verb]

Definition of Clothe:

cover with apparel

Synonyms of Clothe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clothe:

Sentence/Example of Clothe:

Furnivall, pp. 33-35; he says it is 'frised or perled cloothe of gold,' or 'a weued clothe of gold.'

God will clothe thee with the double garment of justice, and will set a crown on thy head of everlasting honour.

Linen is still made there; and by 'clothe of Reynes' some kind of linen, rather than of woollen cloth, is meant.

Great pine forests clothe their lower slopes, and a green-stained river leaps roaring out of the midst of them.

He was partly supported by a slave woman, and was content to clothe himself with vestments taken from the dead.

Passion can always contrive to clothe itself in beauty, strips itself splendid.

Wide meadows clothe the soft hollows in the valleys with abundant green.

Besides, don't I feed an' clothe him an' give him a comfortable home?

I'll make a guess that it takes five thousand a year to clothe you.

For what is bread to the body if you do not also clothe the mind spiritually and mentally?