Raiment [noun]

Definition of Raiment:


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Sentence/Example of Raiment:

Dick would be content if she went about in raiment made of dusters and bath towels.

Every rag of raiment that man has on he stole from my husband's wardrobe at the Hall.

St Matthew says, "His face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light."

Then in a cabinet I superintended Cousin Egbert's change of raiment.

She had a doll, its raiment in about the same condition as her own, tucked under one arm.

It seemed an idle tale to say that any one could be lacking bread and raiment.

And now the hill-side and valley began to put on the raiment of a new year.

In clawin' together said raiment, Nellie, that'll give you some impression of size.'

Take this brave fellow up there and find him a change of raiment.

"In the scantiness of your raiment, Citoyenne," he answered acidly.