Rig [noun]

Definition of Rig:


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Sentence/Example of Rig:

Even as he was speaking they had helped Mortimer from the rig.

"I'll send the rig in, t'morrow, if there's anything yuh want," he remarked.

I can rig up a handy horse-stall with my spare spars and the grating.

Why, it's a mad thing you are doing, coming to meet me in that rig out!

But, as you need him, I suppose I must get my rig and driver somewhere else.

I can hire a rig here and you and me might drive over tonight and take it in.

We can rig up in anything we choose,—so that it looks sort of Turkish.

Anyway, they was heading for Calabasas to get a rig from McAlpin.

If he has deserted, he is probably masquerading in that rig now.

If they were on water, instead of land, he could rig up a sail.