Outfit [noun]

Definition of Outfit:

set of clothes or equipment

Synonyms of Outfit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outfit:


Sentence/Example of Outfit:

The villain from whom I hired the outfit said it was complete.

Even the outfit of the boarders must be approved by the same authority.

She was the most meagre craft, in the way of outfit, I ever put to sea in.

But the owner of this outfit, a born hunter, took a keen interest in Wahb.

We interpreted this as an answer, and made up an outfit for five.

What's this, what's this, husband, this outfit you have on there?

How could he outfit himself again, if he returned with no more metal than this?

He set to work to gather up the wreckage of the tent and outfit.

I haven't been there since before Christmas, as you know, and I've got to get a spring outfit.

He and his outfit worked out a way to process weeds so they can be eaten.