Togs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Togs:

You see, I'm not much class over here, even in Morris's togs.

If Kent has his evening togs and you have the black silk you'll pass muster.

He was accompanied by three boys in togs, one of them Captain Miller.

Go in; change your togs; you'll find something in that bag that'll fit you.

Be at the gym at three with your togs, Gilbert, and do your best for us from now on.

Hold the line again for a jiffy, and I'll go through his togs.

Then I'll put on my togs, with your leave: it's none so warm!

Yes, mynheer; there be togs with tail and togs without tail.

"But you'll have to get some other togs," said he, eyeing my attire dubiously.

They had been to a tea somewhere and were in their new fall togs.