Threads [noun]

Definition of Threads:

clothes, clothing

Synonyms of Threads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threads:


Sentence/Example of Threads:

They had not yet gathered into their hands the threads which had been broken years before.

His hair and beard were like threads of gold, and his eyes were as blue as the summer sky.

The utmost care was necessary, for the threads were weak with old age.

The distance between the threads is called the pitch of the thread.

If the threads are 1/32 inch apart, then the screw will move 1/32 inch every time it revolves.

The threads are simple, transparent, much thicker than the spores.

My life has been one long error, and the threads of my fate have been tangled.

A man has no right to ravel out his life, even though the threads are of gold.

Then slowly she set about picking up the threads of her life.

These seem matters too high to twist the threads of a poor painter's life.