Dress [noun]

Definition of Dress:

clothing; woman's garment

Synonyms of Dress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dress:


Sentence/Example of Dress:

A dress would then show up at a customer’s home, she’d wear it for whatever occasion had brought her to the site to begin with, and then she’d ship the dress back when she was done with it.

The Swedish dress up like Swedish milkmaids and make a lot of noise.

As if to underscore that the company does not plan to bend to convention even once public, Karp introduced Wednesday’s presentation dressed in cross country-training gear in a pre-recorded video.

In the end, the battalion rides to the emperor’s defense with Mulan openly in the lead, dressed as a woman.

Being mistaken for the parking valet no matter how well one is dressed, or being wantonly stopped by the police are all too regular events for many.

After Esty reaches Berlin, she starts to change the way she dresses—albeit very slowly at the start—picking up some of her style from other female characters she meets in this unfamiliar city.

Spinach will hold up for several hours—especially if you don’t dress it until you’re ready to eat.

Perhaps, ultimately, it just feels safer to wear a dress trailside than running shorts that inevitably ride up and expose my fleshy thighs.

Ardern has hosted Facebook Live videos from her living room, dressed in a sweatshirt, after just putting a child to sleep, driving home the point that everyone has an equal role to play in containing the virus.

Combined with the widespread store closures and shoppers cutting back on non-essential items, the situation has squeezed sales of dress shoes.