Machinery [noun]

Definition of Machinery:

devices performing work

Synonyms of Machinery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Machinery:


Sentence/Example of Machinery:

Anti-vaxxers have also seized on the fact that some developers are using a relatively new technology called messenger RNA that attempts to alter the body’s protein-making machinery.

It looks circular, but this is because of some impressive perceptual machinery in your mind.

They built a model to explain why the photosynthetic machinery of plants wastes green light.

Somehow they’ve managed to fine-tune their machinery so that it’s perfectly suited to conditions in that ice.

Standard ultrasound machinery is around 15 times heavier than the Butterfly iQ, which displays images on a mobile app.

We live in an age that is at best about a century and a half old—the age of machinery and power.

Labor, so it was argued, was perpetually being saved by the constant introduction of new uses of machinery.

Even a minor dislocation breaks down a certain part of the machinery of society.

His voice grated—like machinery started with violent effort against resistance.

When the machinery had been stopped, it was found that Mr. Jones's arms and legs were macerated to a jelly.