Utensil [noun]

Definition of Utensil:

tool, usually for eating

Synonyms of Utensil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Utensil:


Sentence/Example of Utensil:

They have requisitioned every utensil that will hold water in the village.

There could be no other such in the palace, where every utensil was gold or silver.

Every utensil used must be ice-cold, the jelly must be quite cold, but not set.

This utensil would be troublesome to use in an orchard, or on stumpy ground.

I don't like a single dish or utensil in sight when the kitchen is in order.

As the right valve has been used, the utensil is left-handed.

It was the canoe material, the roof, and the utensil in its region.

The Indian had made no utensil of iron or the copper he so much prized.

There was now no doubt in their minds that the utensil was meant for its present use.

Till they were cocked, the powder was as safe in the can as in any other utensil in which it could be stored.