Engine [noun]

Definition of Engine:

device that drives a machine

Synonyms of Engine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engine:


Sentence/Example of Engine:

You can’t predict what Google or any other search engine will do with its algorithm, but luckily, that’s not your job.

A follow link is acknowledged by search engines and drives SEO juice for the linked site.

Now more than ever, consumers are turning to search engines for their every need.

If you can increase your CTR, it shows search engines that the page is relevant for that search term and it can help your website’s overall search ranking.

An SEO-friendly URL must be one that’s easy to read for search engines and gives humans the idea of what they are about to click.

This success has been put down to the search engine’s deeper understanding of Slavic languages.

Queries that were once intended for just information may now be looking for a service or product on search engines.

When you search for something on Google’s search engine, you’ll see millions of results competing for your attention.

A search engine ad campaign is different from one shown on the Google Display Network.

When doing link building, you want to avoid nofollow links, and as a webmaster, the situation is reversed, and you should tag any link you don’t want the search engine to associate you with as nofollow.