Diesel [noun]

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In the Diesel motors operating under high pressure, up to nearly 500 pounds, an efficiency of 36 per cent.

The floor beneath me rocked gently and vibrated with heavy diesel engines and I realized I was on a ship!

Only at night did I get to where I could smell the salt breeze free of the stink of paint and Diesel oil.

No oil for the boats, hard enough to get it for his narrow-gauge Diesel locomotives.

For one thing, submarines don't use petrol—they use Diesel engines and heavy oil.

The Diesel engines are used for this purpose, and they recharge the batteries through the motors, using the latter as dynamos.

In the Diesel oil-engine the Germans probably lead us—in steam turbines we lead them.

There was nothing remarkable, perhaps, about the engines themselves, except that they were a modification of the Diesel.

But when the efficiency of the boilers is taken into account, the Diesel comes out very decidedly ahead of the others.

And the railroads—there aren't a dozen steam or Diesel locomotives left in the whole area.