Mechanism [noun]

Definition of Mechanism:

machine, device

Synonyms of Mechanism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mechanism:


Sentence/Example of Mechanism:

It is in his attempt to explain the mechanism that we believe Weissman fails.

He taught us to believe there is a God from the mechanism of the world.

Before he went, he explained the mechanism of the Vagabond thoroughly to his friends.

I could not operate the mechanism of invisibility of De Boer's X-flyer.

But the mechanism controlling the asteroid's invisibility was not destroyed.

He also utilizes the progress of science for the mechanism of his art.

In this way the mechanism below the deck can be made very accessible.

This is a mechanism I've developed for a study of the less-understood dimensions.

There was a cold little click from inside the mechanism as it armed itself.

Politics with him are not a mechanism for seeming what he is not, or for carrying out the will of the majority.