Vehicle [noun]

Definition of Vehicle:

machine used for transportation

Synonyms of Vehicle:

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Sentence/Example of Vehicle:

Vast crowds lined the route, afoot and in every kind of vehicle.

The buck-board is the only vehicle possible over these mountain-roads.

In the vehicle in which I drove to the station the kind man had put a basket of food.

I got out of the vehicle with the infirmary attendant and his assistant.

Once our vehicle entered an elevator and was let down a brief distance.

I had the driver tie my horse behind the vehicle and resume the lines.

He sprang into the vehicle, and was driven off to the station.

The ballet at Reisenburg was not merely a vehicle for the display of dancing.

It was fortunate that we were the only persons in the vehicle.

A head, half-severed from its trunk, hung over the side of the vehicle.