Car [noun]

Definition of Car:

vehicle driven on streets

Synonyms of Car:

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Sentence/Example of Car:

Focusing on end-of-lease inspections, used car inspections, and rental car return inspections first.

Apple has provided test versions of iOS 14—which contains a wealth of other new features including tools to organize your screen or even start your car—to some users since the summer, but is now rolling out the feature to all iPhone owners.

In the backseat, as our car made its way along the turnpike, I tried them, throwing the shells out the window.

GM has developed a new family of modular drive units called Ultium Drive that it will mix and match in cars, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks.

Flames that enter communities and burn up electronics, cars, and industrial equipment can release metals and chemicals.

NBCU is using third-party sources to pull data on where an advertisers’ ad dollars have gone outside of NBCU as well as for the non-advertising factors, like gas prices and car registrations.

Like a car, he says, if there’s one weak spot other parts of the vehicle are going to wear down more quickly—and that’s where you can get pain.

The maker of VW and Audi brand cars is offering two euro bonds maturing in eight and 12 years, according to a person familiar with the offering, who asked not to be identified because they’re not authorized to speak about it.

Keen to stay front-of-mind among young first-time car-buyers, Honda embarked on an esports and video games sponsorship strategy in 2014 and has been doubling down on that investment ever since.

Then, as now, I packed an ax and a go-bag in my car, ready to evacuate.