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This comes just a couple of months after Amazon started selling auto insurance in India.

Google said on Thursday that it recently implemented a new policy to stop auto-complete search queries from popping up if they seem to support a candidate or contain misinformation about voting or the election.

Google rather not show a suggestion in auto-complete than show an inaccurate suggestion.

Another auto entry — Science News, September 12, 1970The recent week-long clean air car race from Massachusetts to California provided a shotgun approach to development of low-emission or nonpolluting vehicle engines.

For a retailer or auto manufacturer, the trigger would be if a certain percentage of stores or dealerships are closed.

The entire sector would probably reach 10 million vehicles, so that Tesla would be selling over one in three of the world’s high-priced autos.

There’s a housing boom, there’s an auto boom, a manufacturing boom, a consumer spending boom.

Police in the former auto manufacturing center of 100,000 people midway between Milwaukee and Chicago said they were responding to a call about a domestic dispute when they encountered Blake on Sunday.

The sedan has sold at volumes no other electric vehicle has come close to reaching, turning Tesla into the most valuable auto company in the world.

All nine patients are employees of Webasto, an auto-parts supplier in Stockdorf.