Jeep [noun]

Definition of Jeep:

wheeled vehicle for hauling

Synonyms of Jeep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jeep:


Sentence/Example of Jeep:

The taxi ground up a gravelled driveway, stopped before an Army jeep at the iron-grilled gateway.

The jeep took it for an hour in the fading afternoon light and then bucked to a halt.

They more or less learned to start and steer and stop the jeep.

He fell, cursed, picked himself up, stumbled on after the growl of the jeep.

He snaked out from under the jeep and raced through wet brush.

We'd parked the jeep at Kahuku Point beach and were taking a stroll.

They went down the ramp to board the moon-jeep, holding onto the hand-rail and helping each other.

The jeep bounced over a small cliff and fell gently for half a second and rolled on.

There was an airlock with a smaller edition of the moon-jeep that had brought them from the ship to the city.

The jeep's fuel supplied steam for power and its ashes were water to drink and oxygen to breathe.