Dump [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dump:

With the presidential election just 36 days away, the possibility of another distracting dump of hacked information looms large.

Food prices are sky-high while energy prices are in the dumps.

I was supposed to meet a friend to play at a dump site together.

I was a fledgling junk collector, sent out to prod garbage dumps for lost treasures.

First, the mining-waste dumps and landfills in these areas are full of materials that are ripe for retrieval, which provides an extra incentive to clean up the environment there.

An analysis of the Blazers’ four TNT telecasts since the restart highlights the degree to which Anthony and his teammates put more pressure on TV producers to furiously scramble to find the dump button.

The girls looked down, and with a glad cry of surprise Jess recognized a dump at the foot of the hill.

And there, I give you my word, three High-Pocketses were busy carrying galleys from the type-dump to the proof-press.

And as fast as they could carry a galley of type from the dump, another galley would just materialize there.

Jess had found a tin cup in the dump, and fastened on a wooden handle with a bit of wire.