Swamp [noun]

Definition of Swamp:

wet land covered with vegetation

Synonyms of Swamp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swamp:


Sentence/Example of Swamp:

Taku-Wakin could no more lead them out of the Swamp than his stick would leave him.

Man, although he had just come, became king of this swamp, king for the night.

"I got in the swamp trying to take a short cut," Frank explained.

But to go at it and drain the swamp was a very different matter.

A nuisance on Balera, which is the equivalent of a Terran swamp.

Will you arrange to have everyone removed from the swamp area before that time?

Paludosella is a diminutive of palus, gen. paludis, a swamp or marsh.

The army immediately advanced with all dispatch to the swamp.

The English, with their Indian allies, surrounded the swamp.

Is there no other place where they can pass this swamp, father?