Bicycle [noun]

Definition of Bicycle:

pedal-driven recreational vehicle

Synonyms of Bicycle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bicycle:


Sentence/Example of Bicycle:

Kick scooters are often more portable than a standard bicycle or electric scooter and definitely less expensive than a car or frequent rideshares.

Those are affordable prices for a quality bicycle and damn great for an e-bike but, in real economic terms, still serious money.

It’s like a race pitting a horse against a car against an airplane against a bicycle.

The one that is that is the top end of the skill spectrum is bicycle racing.

E-bike sales have more than doubled since January, outpacing even huge sales growth in conventional bicycles.

The youth nearly fell off the bicycle, but British doggedness saved him from disaster.

The bicycle courier receives a fee very thankfully and no doubt this constitutes his chief source of revenue for service rendered.

Manufacture of the motorcycle upon a commercial scale forthwith commenced in the bicycle manufactory at Springfield, Mass.

Along in the late nineties a keen interest in bicycle racing led to the introduction of what is known as the motor-paced tandem.

Plainly everything after “bicycle” is nothing to the present purpose and should be excluded.