Vector [noun]

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I am assigned to duty with the 334th Vector, which is operating in Sector Nine.

Another species is supposed to be the vector of Peruvian verruga.

Each vector shown is the vector resultant for one particular night.

You disappeared two centuries ago when the vector field collapsed.

The position of the particle with respect to the origin is determined by the magnitude and direction of this vector.

The vector of change starts at the materiality and heads towards the abstract-that is, from objects to signs.

It involves the continuity, at a surface, of the normal component of the vector.

The guy in C332 keeps screaming for his beer, but the service elevator to 'C' vector keeps dumping me off in 'F'.

To his horror, the automatic signal light on the vector "H" elevator was flickering and fading.

Oblique tractions can always be resolved, by the vector law, into normal and tangential tractions.