Contraption [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contraption:

The platform was lighted with a contraption shaped like a basket and burning coal that gave off a blaze.

None of them had ever seen a piano before and June must play the "shiny contraption" and sing a song.

Jordde held something like a black whip in his hand, only the end went to a box-like contraption strapped to his back.

Four spindly legs led up to a globular body encased in a harness-like contraption.

I niver knowed that ye could shoot a bear with a shmall contraption like that black box.

It lay along a flat sheet of perforated steel––the homeliest contraption imaginable.

Yes, Im anxious to see him fly, though I know hell never do it in that contraption, declared Jerry.

A small little contraption of a thing it was, that she had bought off Tommy the Crab, the peddling man, years before.

What kind of a contraption is that youve got there, Belding?

Shucks, I knew all along Tom's contraption would do the trick!