Medium [adjective]

Definition of Medium:

midway, average

Synonyms of Medium:

Opposite/Antonyms of Medium:

Sentence/Example of Medium:

Yet they not only use this medium, but mistake it for the whitest sunshine.

Through what medium can the idea of servitude enter their minds?

The new—or what seems new to me—is apparently the medium in which it is most at home.

Yet how imperfect a glimpse do we obtain of him, through the medium of this, or any of his letters!

It was, indeed, necessary for me to converse by the medium of an interpreter.

Wealth, or its symbol, is a medium of translating the one into the other.

You will want a hat, a good hat to turn rain, with a medium brim.

Fruit first, Joy next; the one the cause or medium of the other.

The medium had exerted every spiritual faculty to receive the truth.

The visitor is necessarily hampered by the necessity for a medium.