Infrequent [adjective]

Definition of Infrequent:

not happening regularly

Synonyms of Infrequent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infrequent:

Sentence/Example of Infrequent:

Satellite imagery, which has historically been produced, paid for, and shared freely by public space agencies, has been limited to infrequent images with coarse resolution.

Your monthly budget should take into account the fact that there are infrequent, yet predictable expenses you’ll need to take care of on occasion.

Still, the number may well grow, as new and infrequent voters tend to vote close to, or on, Election Day.

The safety benchmarks are higher for vaccines than for other drugs because vaccines are given to vastly more people, which magnifies infrequent problems.

As the years rolled on, though, our encounters became more infrequent.

Occasionally the nucleus is irregular in shape, "clover-leaf" forms being not infrequent.

It was not in the room known at the red house as Mr. Royall's "office" that he received his infrequent clients.

It is curious that the close o is heard only in the infrequent diphthong óu, or as an obscured, unaccented final.

Open ruptures were infrequent now, although they were innumerable during the first months of their companionship.

The opposite change to greater liveliness of disposition is not unknown, but is more infrequent.