Often [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Often:

A few inarticulate grunts were the only answers he could give to our often-repeated remonstrances.

In contrast with these childish pieces of anthropomorphism, we have the famous and sublime speculations of an often-quoted hymn.

The American Country Girl is doing her full share and often-times more than her share.

But the conception of this often-repeated figure is charming: it would make a garden seem more peaceful in the sunshine.

We sit on the floor in front of the hearth, and I suffer the often-repeated martyrdom of the "Fire Pig."

With the prints he issued the often-quoted Propositions, the first series; the laws, as he defined them, of etching.

The "little-and-often" plan, spoken of in this chapter, will lead to dismal failure in the care of window boxes.

And even the often-discussed puzzle—why does the Siberian Railway so very frequently avoid entering the most important townships?

I very much doubt the often-repeated assertion that our aristocracy are more beautiful than the middle classes.

It is hardly necessary to observe that these "sea-snakes" have no relation to the often-talked-of "sea-serpent."