Odd [adjective]

Definition of Odd:

miscellaneous, various

Synonyms of Odd:

Opposite/Antonyms of Odd:

Sentence/Example of Odd:

If there was anything she hated, it was nooks and odd corners.

He had read a good deal at odd times, and had seen a great deal of men.

It is odd how one gets callous to death, a mediaeval callousness.

Isn't it odd to think that we are going to be practically one family!

The odd coincidence of their paths crossing again troubled him.

Six, eight, ten, by even numbers; just as in medicines by odd numbers.

It is odd that you should alone be ignorant of your daughter's sense!

The emperor pulled my ear, as much as to say, 'Well, here is an odd one!'

But then, as you have heard before, Napoleon was an odd boy.

He chose an odd time and place; but that is no matter; I forgive him, and so do you, I dare say.