Seasonal [adjective]

Definition of Seasonal:

irregular, sporadic

Opposite/Antonyms of Seasonal:

Sentence/Example of Seasonal:

The seasonal sum of heat for ripening is probably 1600 to 2400 units.

The seasonal rainfall also affects other agricultural industries.

Varnishing is sometimes busier at one time than at another, but it is not seasonal.

Paper colouring comes in rushes, but is not a seasonal trade.

On this also depends the phenomena of seasonal and sexual dimorphism.

It seems, then, that wood-cutting was already a seasonal industry at this time.

In its seasonal changes of plumage it closely resembles its ally.

Seasonal conditions may affect the course of an epidemic in various ways.

Seasonal use of materials has been kept in mind in outlining this course.

These seasonal changes are of the greatest importance in the life of man.