Continual [adjective]

Definition of Continual:

constant, incessant

Opposite/Antonyms of Continual:

Sentence/Example of Continual:

In a response to the GAO included in the report, the Department of Labor said it planned to clarify its future unemployment releases to note that the number of continual claims does not accurately estimate the number of people claiming benefits.

There are hydrogen ions in the continual flow of charged particles from the sun.

“Taiwan’s continual success is due to strict enforcement of border control,” says Jason Wang, director of Stanford University’s Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention.

The continual investment into this kind of profiling and segmenting indicates that this kind of data driven, large-scale microtargeting has only grown and become mainstream.

It’s not offering the same kind of real-time, continual analysis as more expensive strategies.

Once they have that “baseline state,” the platforms do continual reassessments of the network—and all wired and wireless devices communicating on it—and zero in on outlier signals.

The lines between industries are eroding, leading to a continual disruption of business models, distribution channels, and consumer expectations.

But the continual drafts had kept ever in advance of the receipts, draining the exchequer—crippling its faculties.

The cabins along the country roads were a continual source of curiosity to Yung Pak.

On such occasions continual salutes are fired from the imperial ships, and sometimes from others in the harbour.