Eternal [adjective]

Definition of Eternal:

without pause; endless

Opposite/Antonyms of Eternal:

Sentence/Example of Eternal:

Yet even as the glow from the contests and bikinis faded, their pictures still command attention today, an exuberance of sex and life imbued with the permanence of an eternal flame.

In another, he warns that the “price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” according to a recording from the Detroit News.

Hosts are, by their nature, “eternal beginners” — each bidder effectively starts from scratch on a megaproject where there is, in that city, almost no relevant institutional memory for running one.

More beautiful for never having been built, they stand eternal, unfazed by time and undisturbed by dust, remaining eternally lit by the imagination of the wonders that might have been.

Was he really condemned to an eternal solitude because of the girl who had died so many years ago?

Under all man's dreams of eternal gods and eternal heavens lies man's passion for the eternal feminine.

Goodness only knew what a falchion was, but there was the Griffin, and his history was an improvement upon the eternal Cat.

And yet the demand has the clearest and strongest basis of natural and eternal justice, as any fair mind must confess.

Here again we have the landscape of Lorraine and the eternal and infinitely varied theme of rural labour.

Offered to Him that liveth for ever and ever, it celebrates his eternal pre-existence and existence to eternal ages.