Illimitable [adjective]

Definition of Illimitable:


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Sentence/Example of Illimitable:

De Castellor was now in his seat; and when Castanos came off; the Duke was stunned into stupor, overcome by the illimitable ruin.

This may be so in England, with its teeming population and its almost illimitable industrial resources.

It might be her last moment, and she fed upon that face; reading there inimitable courage and illimitable valour to protect.

Then came the camp-mover and hauled the wagon to fresh pastures in that illimitable, gray-green land.

The sky was not more illimitable than the rugged forest which extended on every hand.

I seemed the only living thing in the cold, illimitable night.

It was a strange scene, that illimitable watery waste, and aroused new sensations in the breasts of our travellers.

Blue flashed against blue, the clever handiwork of man and the illimitable cerulean of the sky.

We, in the midst of the illimitable, could feel with Marcus Aurelius that "Of life, the time is a point."

The illimitable passes the legitimate, and the sw-word is carried by the hero—for me the bruzh, the paint-bruzh.