Untold [adjective]

Definition of Untold:

very many; enormous

Opposite/Antonyms of Untold:

Sentence/Example of Untold:

In that insistence lay her ultimate compensation for untold misery.

Have you lost even that virtue, which served you as a cloak for untold vices?

This is the kind of teaching which has paralyzed China for untold generations.

She had done the deed now, and had married the man with the untold secret in her heart.

True, it had a reference of untold value and power to the seen and present.

What suffering, what untold misery has been wrought by this damnable custom!

The much poulticing of boils has done an untold amount of mischief.

To Helen it seemed as though she was in a dream of untold ecstasy.

Griffith Hawks alone knew the secret, and he died with it untold.

And then it came to him that the real story was as yet untold.