Innumerable [adjective]

Definition of Innumerable:

many, infinite

Synonyms of Innumerable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Innumerable:

Sentence/Example of Innumerable:

While the number of SEO myths out there are innumerable, I will nail down the four that I come across most often.

The works were a form of reparations, she argued, for the innumerable works Germany had destroyed or stolen from the Soviet Union during the war.

Of course, my first row was a long one, quite through the city from west to east, including innumerable turnings and windings.

He was continually presenting innumerable imaginary fivers to little people.

Twenty minutes jogging brought us into a stretch of rough country, a series of knobs and ridges cut by innumerable coulées.

The sea itself was covered with innumerable dead butterflies and moths, which had been carried out to sea by the storm.

The brazen roar of the cannon is mingled with the intermittent rattle of innumerable machine guns.

In their view, if only this were accomplished blessings innumerable would ensue and all complaints would for ever cease.

The surface of this lake, which seen from here is as smooth as a mirror, is stirred by innumerable ripples.

Madame Roland, among her other innumerable accomplishments, had acquired no little skill in the science of medicine.