Uncountable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uncountable:

Outside and above the colony there were uncountable myriads of stars.

He was uncountable millions of light-years from his own people.

The sameness of them stretched for uncountable yards in all directions.

And that from an old bachelor, with uncountable money-bags, to his only nephew!

She was surrounded on every hand by uncountable distant stars.

Which has been of uncountable advantage to Brandenburg:—how could it fail?

There were clickings, uncountable clickings that made a background for all the rest.

The instances of fisher help to merchantmen in peril are uncounted and uncountable.

Sir William Herschel estimated their number to be about fourteen thousand, but in fact they are uncountable.

During the day hosts of carpenters tore off uncountable shingles devastated by white ants.