Measureless [adjective]

Definition of Measureless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Measureless:


Sentence/Example of Measureless:

There has been staggering loss of life and measureless wastage of materials.

Nothing was before him, save the foaming, dashing, measureless ocean.

Koenig's pride was measureless, and Glory did not get off lightly.

But this only increased the measureless pity he felt for her.

In the light of these measureless joys what is any earthly joy?

It is a measureless Generosity and an ecstasy of Receiving and Giving.

“Fortunately for us, this is a cañon, not a string of measureless caverns,” said Blake.

Who knows what power measures The measureless and creates the great?

Then she went away and I heard, in the silence, a ripple of measureless waters.

For a while they sat silent, in the midst of the profound and measureless calm.