Incessant [adjective]

Definition of Incessant:

never-ending, persistent

Synonyms of Incessant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incessant:

Sentence/Example of Incessant:

His incessant desire to wreak revenge on the Ewings became boring, despite being the through-plot of the series.

This is where our incessant need for storytelling comes from.

Moreover, despite our incessant pontification of the country’s woes and its difficult past, we are not without our bright spots.

During the whole day there was an incessant fusillade, the rebelsʼ chief stronghold being the Recoleto Convent.

Incessant bugle-calls from the natives added to the commotion, and thousands of Chinese crowded into the Chinese Consulate.

Fifteen of these horned monsters maintain an incessant mooing and bellowing.

His flow of speech is incessant; he seems not a whit disconcerted by my evident disinclination to talk.

It affected Bud unpleasantly, just as the incessant bawling of a band of weaning calves used to do.

Her judgment should not be weakened by the incessant indulgence of a daughter's sorrows.

The life of the forest and desert hunters is one of incessant activity, and their food supply is precarious.