Unrelenting [adjective]

Definition of Unrelenting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unrelenting:

Sentence/Example of Unrelenting:

If there be Gods, they are merciful; but thou art a savage and unrelenting monster.

The fierce and lawless shall assume the figure of the unrelenting wolf.

Wilkes' Spirit of the Times is unrelenting in its haughty independence.

Wetamoo immediately became the unrelenting foe of the English.

Her thin lips parted, but the light in her eyes was unrelenting.

The Protestants were pursued by the most unrelenting persecution.

Compassion was but a vain word before that unrelenting destiny.

He paused, then, unrelenting: “How much money have you got, Captain?”

The prophet himself was foremost in this unrelenting policy.

Clothed in her unrelenting love like an Indian in full war dress.