Remorseless [adjective]

Definition of Remorseless:

without guilt in spite of wrongdoing

Opposite/Antonyms of Remorseless:

Sentence/Example of Remorseless:

Somehow to Bezdek he gave the impression of remorseless rationality.

“Hanging to a beam across the dam he blew up,” was the remorseless response.

And yet, despite his unheroic physique, he was quick and remorseless in action.

I proceeded to press my selfish, remorseless, unwarranted demand!

Remorseless Hassan stands above,   And he smiles to see them die.

Many other instances of this remorseless tyranny will be given hereafter.

His attitude toward attitudes was remorseless, uncompromising, inexorable.

"Don't you be so weak as to pity them," cried the remorseless plebeian.

I will extirpate that nest of vipersthat horde of remorseless banditti!

The sound died into silence and the remorseless tick-tick went on.