Murderous [adjective]

Definition of Murderous:


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Sentence/Example of Murderous:

Murderous house-thieves do not send people to sleep: they kill them.

Murderous shavers and hooks Swiftly your pride will diminish.

Murderous minstrel, instrument of evil, most innocent instrument!

Murderous riots or incendiary outrages took place in no fewer than 167 towns and villages, including Warsaw, Odessa and Kiev.

Murderous War was here, and frantic Discord, whose viperous locks are bound with bloody fillets.

Murderous knaves who, in the heart of the city, close to the imperial precincts, endangered the lives of peaceful people at night!

Murderous rivalry often reigns between them, and fraternal affection is almost unknown.

Murderous indeed was the broadside Duncan poured into her, raking her from aft to fore.

"Murderous mania; the same motive that drove him to kill the sheep," said Dick Colton.

Murderous enemy as he was, it seemed to me I should never have slept a wink all the rest of my life.